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Posted by Shannon on 01/11/2011

When I’m out with friends, they know an “Ooh!”-eliciting food item means, “One sec, let me take a picture real quick.”

Obsessive foodie photographer disorder.

Food moves me. A custom-crafted drink or innovative dish excites me….visually, aromatically, psychologically. My favorite matcha tea, holiday dessert or Japanese oyako-don. Each holds a history with unique memories. Associating food with people, family, tradition, love.

Each are reasons I have OFPD. Because dishes with they are part of my present and likely more impactful when I reminisce in the years to come. Because a picture of a ramekin brimming with bacon, three-cheese, pickled jalapeno macaroni and cheese (when captured just so) can make the person viewing it smell the aroma, feel the sensory details, and want to experience it too.

Food equates to love in many cultures, cities & circles of friends. The act of gathering to share sustenance, it builds community and creates a shared memory. When experienced in solitude,  it’s an opportunity to dine where/how you want, un-judged.

Food equals love. I am not here on this earth to be mediocre, nor do I plan to eat mediocre food. To eat well and promote the happiness it evokes, this is why I take and share food pictures.

This is my prospectus.

Bibimbap in South Korea - August 2010


2 Responses to “Prospectus”

  1. Francine Arnone said


    This is really cool! What a great idea.

    Love Momma!!

  2. […] day since my first post on 1/11/11  to today, I have written and shared 129 food related experiences on this site. Taking a look […]

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