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Pacific Northwest Eats

Posted by Shannon on 01/13/2011

December meant plenty of holiday travel for me; I spent Christmas in Washington with my family. Two of my pacific northwest food memories stem from my second job ever and pure, unadulterated produce.

First up, Taco Time. Toss the word association that just cropped up in your mind. We aren’t talking Taco bell or Del taco folks.  I staffed the drive-thru, rail, and front cashier spots from age fifteen through seventeen. Mexi fries, casita burritos, crustos, crisp taco (no beef, substitute cheese,) sprite/pink lemonade, chicken wrap (of 1lb infamy) — they all hold a special place in my heart. I cooked countless batches of chicken and beef… fresh… and in 5 and 10 pound increments. As an adult, it’s nice to enjoy their food as a patron.

Crisp taco, mexi fries, white bean chicken chilli, crustos & berry tea.

My last year as a Seattleite, I lived in Greenlake. A few blocks from my house was the Puget Consumer’s  Co-op (PCC.) They source local and they source organic.

PCC - Greenlake, Washington

Fuji apples sold there are like no other I’ve found since. A mealy, mushy, bland-tasting apple is a let down. PCC’s are consistently sweet, moderately priced for an organic product, and hard as a bullet just the way I demand them. Last month, they came through in the clutch again, ending my 2.5 years of California PPC-deprivation.

Organic Fuji apples from River Valley, WA


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