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Dinner in the New Year – Jan. 8, 2011

Posted by Shannon on 01/14/2011

Who watches Bobby Flay? Iron Chef? Well, this day’s throw down battle was against myself…to prove I still possess culinary ability. The past few months have been a combination of factors:

  • Happy hours aplenty in L.A. and Southbay
  • Dinner dates on the lookout for a quality man
  • After finding aforementioned Italian man, enjoying the multiple from-scratch dinners he creates
  • A wonderfully talented boyfriend’s mom who whips up weekly feasts for Family Dinner each Sunday with ease and serious skill
  • Convenience, laziness, how great food that you didn’t need to cook tastes (aka delivery)
  • Clocking double-digit hours at the office each day

I decided to end the dryspell and go all-out for the first dinner of 2011!


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