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To Each Her Own

Posted by Shannon on 01/22/2011

Unique eats I like them, many think are yucky. I say, to each their own!

Ketchup: tomatoes, vinegar, lycopene. A healthy dousing of Heinz was the only way I would eat burgers, hotdogs or any meat as a kid. Today, it goes on macaroni & cheese, scrambled eggs, and I dip carrots+celery+other raw veggies in them at lunch.

Amaebi: Japanese literal translation is “ama” for sweet and “ebi” for shrimp. This is nigiri-style sushi served raw and atop a pat of sushi rice (slightly seasoned with rice wine vinegar.) The shrimp does have a noticeably sweeter finish than commercialized varieties offered to the mass market, with a smooth and buttery feel. My first order of amaebi was in 2005, on vacation in Arizona and wanting to push my foodie boundaries. I tackled the raw shrimp easily, but I anxiously awaited the arrival of the rest of the amaebi. A waitress approached with a small, slate-colored plate, with two newly deep-fried shrimp heads…. beady black eyes, long/sharp feelers and all…gazing at me.  Bringing the first bite to my face, I truly felt my stomach seize briefly. But, “never try, never know” is a motto I believe in, so I carried forth. The whole form looking at you may be unsettling, but I worked my way past it once I crunched it a bit and found my way to its true flavor. The only issue now is the “MP” (market price) tag on these bad boys!

Dinner @ Siori Sushi Bune - 1.16.11

Uni: sea urchin. I get it. Texture, color, initial scent. The first time I had this I can only assume it was sub-par quality, while on a date in Tangletown (neighborhood in Seattle.) Fast-forward to 2010 at Chaya Venice with co-workers. Will, trusted foodie from NYC, added uni to the group’s order and asked who else was interested. I hesitated and recapped my previous uni trauma. He urged me to try again, and because previous conversations established my trust in his foodie-word, away we went. Chaya’s uni still looked like a mini orange lobe of brain. But orange is my favorite color and a piece of spiny sea-life wasn’t about to best me. This time, the bite was a cool, subtle taste reminiscent of the ocean. The texture was the same but my opinion forever altered.

Sea urchin


One Response to “To Each Her Own”

  1. jessica said

    Ketchup is my favorite condiment! So happy to find someone else who doesn’t think it’s gross on macaroni & cheese, eggs of any sort & burritos. 🙂 Thoroughly enjoying your blog.

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