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Manhattan Beach – Burger + Cake magic

Posted by Shannon on 01/29/2011

Eat to live. | Live to eat.

A duality I choose neutrality between.  Weekdays, just give me enough caffeine and solid food to keep me walking and audibly talking. I don’t need great presentation or even particularly great tasting food from sunrise until I exit the sliding glass doors of La Cienega Blvd’s 9800 building.

Now on weekends… then I can afford to have a nap-inducing brunch, lunch and/or dinner. Hermosa Beach’s Brother’s Burritos.  Phuket Thai’s green curry w/ beef, ladled over a big, warm bowl of jasmine rice. A medium-rare cheeseburger(preferably Tillamook sharp cheddar) w/ fries on the side.

Saturday afternoon, an alert went off in my head and I needed aforementioned burger in my life ASAP. Food isn’t my crutch… but if you try to remove this (or the two desserts below) from my hands, you may need a few of your own…

Enter Manhattan Beach’s Tin Roof Bistro. Modern, on-point staff (expertly handle dine-in and carryout orders) with “uniforms” that are playful and relaxed. On first Tuesdays of each month, they have an outdoor movie screening, and always have  free bocce ball out front. Any evening of the week you’ll see MB’s mature social/family set milling about with glasses of wine, waiting for a table.

They also own Simmzy’s. And their special burger dons that restaurant’s namesake.

Behold, the Sterling natural beef, Tillamook sharp cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion chow chow & light swash of aioli.

P.S. These also improve my day.

SusieCakes – Six-layers of celebratory vanilla sugar heaven. Dotted with rainbow confetti, nestled between “retro blue” frosting.

Godiva, cheesecake truffle.


2 Responses to “Manhattan Beach – Burger + Cake magic”

  1. randi said

    I love the retro cake!! Do you yelp?

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