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JDV Tuesday #3: Sugar, Glorious Sugar

Posted by Shannon on 02/02/2011

So… when I was younger I was transfixed by sugar. Sweet, grainy, glorious, glorious sugar. The post-consumption rush made me pedal my bike downhill (hands-free) faster during the long summer evenings.  A timeline of  my highs + lows over the years:

— Age 4, Grandpa nicknames me “Junkfood Junkie”

— Age 6, doing my sisters household chores in exchange for a share of her Halloween/Christmas/Easter candy stash.

— Age 9, Tongue nearly bleeds after polishing off two entire “Giant Pixie Stick”s in less than two days (cherry & blue raspberry flavor.)

— Youngster into High school, Dentist bill surpasses my sisters at an astronomically un-balanced ratio.

— Age 18, Aversion to sitting in a movie theater can only be overcome with the promise of Sour Patch Kids or Milk Duds

— Age 20, Discovers the joys of sour skittles, chocolate-covered gummy bears and their ability to power me through Finals week. Immense sugar-crash ensues… still makes it out of college w/ 3.82 GPA.

— Age 25, Counter-balances daily lunchtime Nazook addiction consumption with carrots, celery, broccoli at lunch

— Age 26, Focuses her third Joie De Vivre article on “sucrose,” with unabashed pride and not a drop of shame.

[ Pictures below of Halloween, Holiday and Birthday sugar-laced festivities ]


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