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Dan’s Super Subs – Woodland Hills, CA

Posted by Shannon on 02/07/2011

Kait, Christina and I headed beyond the SB (Southbay Bubble) one Saturday last month. Our quest? Christina needed a dress. Ahem. Not just any dress…the dress. Yes, later this year, our dear Christina (aka Xtina/X) is headed down the aisle!!

Proper priorities were laid out that day. Yes, yes, couture bridal shops aplenty, but stop number one had to be Dan’s Super Subs. Could we really expect to find/assist in the search for the dress of Xtina’s dreams without sustenance?  P.S., that was rhetorical, I am the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk when I have low blood sugar.

Now I’d heard of this sub shop for months upon months. Fabled tales of how they “used to go there all the time,” that these were not merely subs, that the “sowse” (sauce, we say it extra gully) was a clutch component. So, though seemingly illogical to eat sub sandwiches before bridal shopping, the stars aligned that day and placed our triad mere minutes from the boutique that would later go down in dress-shopping-infamy. Not wanting to test fate, and knowing full-well we get cranky when our stomachs are running on nothing but Coke Zero, away we went.


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Their steamed-warmed buns have collected a bevy of fans in their 31 years of operation. Co-owner, Jack, rang me up, and happily obliged my photo request. Our triad took our food and seated ourselves outside, at a table under a red & white Coke umbrella. We enjoyed the sunshine as we ate, the bread indeed benefited from a warm-up and uniformly shredded lettuce & square-diced tomatoes only added to the magic. See above photo… they are not stingy, with portions or their sauce.

All the while a steady stream of couples, families, single guys popped in for their own DSS fix. This includes a gentleman, apparently so distracted by the bun-a-licious sub sammy encounter ahead of him, that he left his Mercedes parked, keys-in-ignition-running, with the door ajar as he went inside and ordered. No, we didn’t ghost-ride his whip around the block, but we talked about it. We can only assume he needed a sub sandwich to the face so badly… a hazy hunger cloud crowded out all logic.

All to say, DSS, you did us proud. We salute you. We will return.

P.S.S. At time of publication, the dress remains the very first one she tried on. Kait and I agree, X looks perfect in her dress, it was made for her. My breath caught in my chest when she came out in it… we cannot wait to see her and Brad marry later this year!


One Response to “Dan’s Super Subs – Woodland Hills, CA”

  1. Christina said

    Awwww, Shannon! I love this one:) You are so sweet! Thank you!! We love your blog posts!

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