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Secret Menu: In-N-Out

Posted by Shannon on 02/11/2011

So you find yourself in Los Angeles. You step off the plane, walk down the long hall to baggage claim and step outside to the smell of diesel exhaust. Next move?

Wherever the list, in your head, written in your iPhone, wherever…the closest and most eminent thought on the tip of your brain should  undoubtedly and unquestionably be navigating yourself to In-n-Out.

Order what you’d like, the options listed on the menu are relatively few. What don’t you see on their menu that you should be ordering? Do your research before you arrive: Animal Style. 4×4. Protein style. Fries “well done.”

Last night, Kait, Amber, Jane and I left Fallen Riviera‘s concert @ Gaslamp in Long Beach  and needed a little cheeseburger action. We were just a stone’s throw from the local In-n-Out… so away we went.

Conversation trailed from their Neapolitan milkshakes to chocolate how delicious chocolate is, to Amber’s innocent mention of drinking a chocolate Coke last time she was at In-N-Out. My thoughts rewound…chocolate Coke?? She laid out the genius mixture of their milkshake chocolate syrup in the bottom of a drink cup. My ever-order-modifying mind was already subbing in Diet Coke as we walked inside to bypass the six-car-deep drive-thru line.


Service by Jacquez - conflicted chocolate syrup server

Jacquez took my order for a Combo #2, noting I wanted my fries cooked twice (“well done”) and that I wanted the cheeseburger animal style. All comprehension came to a screeching halt when I asked for a CDC.  He said he’d have to ask if that was ok. I paid and waited. He took the next person’s order then went stepped to the side of the cashier station to talk to another person. Vesana poked his head around the corner to look at me, then he stepped back behind the side station and talked more. A third man, walked in and was summoned behind the white ceramic tile wall, not even given time to get into official In-n-Out attire.


Combo #2: Cheeseburger "animal style", Fries "well done" & Chocolate Diet Coke.

I saw him mouth the words “Huh? Chocolate Syrup??” then shot me a puzzled look. Three to four minutes later Jacquez walked back to the front and said Vesana would help me. At that point, I straight up asked, “You can’t put syrup in the cup for me?” Vesana quickly left and returned w/ the cup, about four pumps of chocolate gloriously glazing the bottom.

All this was worth it. I will return to In-N-Out,  probably the LAX location though.


Props to @MadamePoe for the eye-opening (and amusing) experience!

Amber: @MadamePoe | Shannon: @OfpdLA


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