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Valentine’s Day Weekend

Posted by Shannon on 02/12/2011

Did you know the Obsessive Foodie Photographer has a sister? I looked up to Tiffany for many things as a kid:

I. She’s always been fashionable: she’d sacrifice quantity for quality… I always wanted to borrow her clothes; I succeeded maybe 1x week.

II. She was a smart saver: money, candy (see “Age 6”), even timed-use of a low-volume, sarcastic joke.

III. She didn’t (still doesn’t) take guff from anyone: She once pushed another girl down in-between the seat and the floor on the bus ride home from school while defending me. Granted, this girl had 20lbs and four inches on her, but I believe the phrase was, ” You see this flower ring? It’s going to leave a nice little imprint in your forehead if you don’t stop.”

As grown women, I continue to admire her.

I. She achieves her goals: she decided to become a hair stylist around age seven. Flash forward two decades and she’s got a base of loyal clients… men, women, little kids who want to be stylish like her.

II. She still looks out for family

III. She’s now a mom and wife: She takes care of a family: a husband, a 3 year-old, a baby under 1 year, two dogs and a fish. She and her husband’s partnership and commitment to their kids is one of the things I admire most. Both she and my mom create a warm, loving environment for their kids to grow up in/husband to come home to.

Each holiday is recognized… including Valentine’s Day.  Last night she whipped up the dinner below.

Tiffany's Early Valentines Feast (2/11/10): Filet mignon, King crab legs w/ melted butter, Caesar salad, bread w/ oil & vinegar & vino.

Props to the parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends and others who take the time out to bake or cook to show the love! February 14th or any day of the year.


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