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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #5 – Valentine’s Day Din Din

Posted by Shannon on 02/15/2011

When you woke up this morning, you may have risen from bed with the false security you’d escaped St. Valentine’s sappy, sugar-coated grasp.

You were mistaken. JDVT entry #5 is centered on love… sweet, sweet (home-cooked) love.

Steve and I agree on a multitude of ideals. Yesterday’s being that it’s ridiculous to pay for a meal you would be more satisfied with making your damn self. So, we did.  Granted this meal was still prepared in John Varvatos and Kimchi Blue apparel, but that’s just how we do it in our relationship. We may have been at home, but we still dress up for date night, Valentine’s Day or not.

Course One: The Appetizer of Infamy

Caprese with oven-roasted tomato segments, thin ribbons of organic basil. This is the second time I’ve had these. The initial time being when I went over to Steve’s house and he cooked me dinner from scratch. When I walked in, the apartment smelled wonderful. I knew he was cooking something in the oven, and that he’d gone to the store and started cooking after a full 8-hours of work. Peeking in the oven, there was only a 8″x8″ (max) sheet of these debatable fruit/vegetables in the oven. They are seasoned and brushed with mystery spices and ingredients I don’t need to know about. Because I already know they are semi-caramelized, warm, tangy segments of awe-inspiring effort. I joke that this is what a large part of what hooked me, a strong Sicilian musician who also loved to cook. I’m only 3% joking by the way. Second time was just as delicious as the first, and it was fitting we had this again on Valentine’s Day.


Tomatoes of Infamy - influencing factor in why Steve now has a girlfriend.



Course Two: Main

Filet Mignon (cooked to medium in the broiler), plated atop a homemade béarnaise sauce with baked asparagus. Served with a side of cous cous mixed w/ freshly diced & sautéed onions, shallots and shiitake mushrooms.


V-day 2011: Filet Mignon w/ béarnaise sauce, roasted asparagus & shiitake mushroom couscous




Zoomed-in shot



[Poured: 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon]

Course Three: Dessert

Hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries. I may or may not have had two of these for breakfast today.

[No picture, I was in a vino/fructose happy-bubble by then…]


*Lunch may have been served in a styrofoam container, but dinner, the company, and the conversation during the 3-hours we took to prepare and enjoy it, more than made up for it.


Valentine's Day Lunch - underwhelming Teriyaki/kimchi/veggies paired w/ always satisfying Coke Zero.



I love Valentine’s Day.

A focused day to show people around you that you care is never a bad thing.


One Response to “Joie De Vivre Tuesday #5 – Valentine’s Day Din Din”

  1. […] opened a bottle of wine as I looked at the roses in front of me. They were perfectly blooming, just like last year. I realized there were two, and he said it symbolized our second Valentine’s day together. […]

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