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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #6 – Onion Volcano

Posted by Shannon on 02/22/2011


When you combine pyrotechnics with Asian cuisine you’ve got a “win” in my book. My favorite trick at teppan style restaurants has long-been the little onion volcano. Chop the onion, stack up its concentric circle rings and load the inside up with some cooking oil.  Easy, entertaining, and always guaranteed to elicit a big smile and an “ooh!” from this Korean. The shot below was over the summer, and a particularly impressive flame-height! Flame to volcano base ratio is none too shabby.



Taking a step back…the humble onion contains quercitin, a flavonoid, that can assist your body in healthy cell reproduction. The exact quantity needed is a scientific fact I don’t have at the ready for you (sorry.) What little known fact I can share is that the bulk of said flavonoids dwell in the outer layer of the onion, which we typically discard first during cooking. Or volcano building.

Onions varietals of note include Vidalia,  Maui, and the Washington State Walla Walla (holla @ my home state!)

Hope you enjoy/request the next time you are at a similar restaurant. Have a fantastic Tuesday!

My little steamy volcano... on the grill y'all


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