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An Omelet Breakfast – 2.25.11

Posted by Shannon on 02/25/2011


Avocado+Tomato Omelet

This morning I woke up hungry for more than my standard breakfast. I wanted an omelet filled w/ tangy cheddar & creamy avocado. Along the way,  sliced strawberries, toasted sourdough w/ butter & a healthy dollop of seedless berry jam, salty bacon and coffee made their way into the mix too.

Cooking this took me back to elementary school. For a good five months I was consumed with learning to make the  perfect cheese omelet.  Trial and error resulted in me learning:

  • the proper ferocity to whisk the eggs with
  • which seasonings to use, and which will never taste good
  • whether a splash of milk or water creates the fluffier omelet
  • ample butter in the pan, paired with a low heat setting is key
  • if the final fold is disastrous, quickly swirl, chop and fold everything in the pan with the spatula. Bam…you’ve got the cheesy scrambled eggs you mean to make all along ;).

Happy weekend, we’re a few hours away. With the Academy Awards on Sunday… expect a few shots of my appetizer and/or dessert contributions to the viewing party I’m attending!

One Response to “An Omelet Breakfast – 2.25.11”

  1. […] toast slathered w/ real butter and sugary jam or jelly. But seeing as I’d just had a cheese-a-licious omelet 24 hours ago, I went crazy and deviated to the  vanilla cinnamon french toast for […]

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