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Joie de Vivre Tuesday #7: French Toast Brunch

Posted by Shannon on 03/01/2011

Yours truly spent Friday and Saturday relaxing via my first “staycation.”

After waking up and watching the sunrise from my bed (see below) my thoughts turned to strong coffee and something sweet for breakfast. Once I read through Angeleno and Riviera, I relinquished the ultra-comfortable hotel robe, begrudgingly put on normal clothes, and took the elevator downstairs to the resort’s breakfast spot, Catalina Kitchen.

Pre-breakfast: enjoying Saturday's Sunrise


My standard is  a combo of eggs, wobbly bacon (I loathe crisp, burnt bacon) and multi-grain toast slathered w/ real butter and sugary jam or jelly. But seeing as I’d just had a cheese-a-licious omelet 24 hours ago, I went crazy and deviated to the  vanilla cinnamon french toast for breakfast.

Pancakes and french toast aren’t my style. I’d say in my lifetime, I’ve choose either during a breakfast out about 8% of the time. Why? One, my dad’s blueberry pancakes and cinnamon french toast  are money (i.e., bomb, delish, stellar) so I wasn’t expecting this to top either of those. Two, Bisquick, eggs and water don’t cost $8-$15 at home. However, my preceding hours of relaxation upstairs in the room had put me in a far less analytical mode than normal and I just went for it.

When the plate platter arrived, the smell of vanilla wafted to me before the plate even hit the table.


Vanilla French Toast

Beyond the four thickly sliced pieces, with a slight crisp around the crusts like I love, it also came topped with a mascarpone cream, strawberry compote & caramelized bananas.


Fragrant vanilla & bananas caramelized just right


The small detail that made me smile the most was the delivery method of the syrup pot that came along with it.


Miniature syrup pot


A bite w/ a bit of everything

Visiting CK (within the Terranea Resort) is a scenic way to spend a weekend morning/mid-afternoon. There’s the great view of the Pacific when you sit outside, or the a scenic drive along Pacific Coast Highway… great for burning time if you’re entertaining out-of-town guests.

If none of that gets you, wrap your mind around a 50+ item breakfast buffet and hand crafted mimosa/bloody mary/margaritas. Their margarita is my favorite, no sweet and sour mix in this glass. And yes, I’ve had one w/ my brunch buffet… on more than one occasion ;).

[ Terranea’s breakfast menu ]


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