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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #8: Oki Doki

Posted by Shannon on 03/08/2011

Oki Doki Sushi quietly exists in awesomeness in south Hermosa Beach. The restaurant is alcoved in a small area just off of the east side of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH.)

Yelp seldom lets me down. True to form… it properly lists Oki Doki w/ a solid four star ratings after 150 reviews.

The spot seats a max of 20 people, with about 10 more seats at the sushi bar. Each patron receives a piece of whitefish tempura, drizzled in a duo of sauces, and a cup of edamame. We sat at the sushi bar and ordered Kirin and Sapporos.

The list of rolls is, two, three pages total. We ordered a spicy tuna roll topped w/ extra maguro and a baked roll.


One hefty roll – see keychain for ratio reference

What I dig about Oki Doki’s version is that the sriracha ratio is not to a scale that scorches away your ability to taste the avocado and maguro. This roll was no slouch on mass either.


Spicy Maguro Roll topped w/ more Maguro

My roll was good, but hard to stack itself up against that behemoth we just ate.


Baked Scallop California Roll (just ask for a “BSCR”)

The heat made the baby scallops a bit tough but the added crunch of the micro-diced scallions, as well as the bright coral-colored roe, brought the roll back to the quality level of Oki Doki standard.


Many, many more rolls to try!


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