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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #9 – I Roasted a Whole Chicken

Posted by Shannon on 03/15/2011

Let me keep it real with you. My own writing style approach has annoyed me a little bit lately. A complicated cake pop recipe…Showing off how sunny it is in California in late winter. Hyperlinking sentences in articles.

Mea culpa to those in agreement. To atone for those less-than-unique few posts… I offer up JDVT #9: Friday’s attempt at preparing a dinner my mom would be proud of.

Background: my mom had full knee replacement surgery last Tuesday. I flew home on the 9th to spend a few days there, help out and see the family. Friday was my last full day in Washington, and I decided on the flight out to Seattle that cooking a meal for everyone was a top priority. They’ve read this site and I just wanted to prove I could walk the talk… had to back up my typing with demonstrated oven-mit-prowess. My mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law and two nephews sat courtside as I prepped and oven-roasted a five-pound chicken for the very first time.

This is a one roasting pan meal. I like that I was able to reinforce the “food is love” mentality I adopted from my childhood memories. Showing my mom I cared by planning out and pulling off a meal that smelled and tasted delicious was a personal mission. She felt a bit forlorn; the new M.O of needing assistance elevating her leg, getting around the house, etc.…it was wearing on her spirits as it would mine. We both graduated from the university of I-Can-Do-It-Myself where self-sufficiency and independence is an expectation, asking for help a commodity.

So with a deep breath and a little trepidation, away I went. Here is the adventure of….

My pride and joy


The verdict from my mom and family? I do possess the skills, kitchen sense and wherewithal to cook a tasty meal.


Everybody to the table…dinner!!!


Taking pictures like a proud mom on the first day of Kindergarten


Seriously, cooking them something that elicited a genuine “Mmm…Shan this is amazing”? Made my week.


Look real close, steam-action!


Recipe: Single Pan Roasted Chicken to Impress People You Care About

Prep time: 30 mins | Serves: Six people



— 5lb. chicken, thawed with the cavity rinsed

— 5 Yukon gold potatoes

— 5 large carrots

— 2 sweet potatoes or yams

— 2 bulbs of parsnips, stalks and outermost layer removed

— 2 medium yellow onions

— 1 lemon

— 1 large head of garlic

— 1 pkg of fresh thyme

— Olive oil, salt & pepper

— 1 stick of butter, melted


— Basting brush

— Two metal skewers

— Deep roasting pan

–Meat thermometer


I.            Heat oven to 425, place roasting rack in middle position of oven

II.            Wash and rinse the outside/inside of the chicken in cold water. Drain on paper towels.

III.            Wash hands w/ hot, soapy water

IV.            Dice the potatoes, yams, parsnips, onions & carrots in 2”-3” pieces and toss together in the bottom of roasting pan

V.            Toss with olive oil*, salt and pepper until coated. *Do a circular pour 3-4 times around the pan w/ the olive oil, outsides need to be coated so they don’t burn.

VI.            Cut the top of the garlic clove off, exposing the tops of each clove. Cut the lemon in half length-wise.

VII.            Place both inside the chicken with a large bunch of Thyme. Pin the legs together to keep the contents in w/ the metal skewers before placing the chicken in the pan on top of the potatoes. Place on a rack resting on the potatoes if proffered, can make transfer to platter easier

IX.            Unabashedly baste chicken unabashedly with melted butter, then generously sprinkle with salt and pepper.

X.            Set timer for 1.5 hours, place pan in oven, uncovered

XI.            Baste with melted butter every 30 minutes (no more salt/peppering)

XII.            If chicken skin begins to look too brown, feel free to cover w/ aluminum foil

When timer rings, insert meat thermometer into thigh, don’t let the thermometer touch any bones to ensure an accurate temperature. Must cook to 180 degrees, then remove, plate it up and serve w/ a smile!


Whoever said cooking the meal kills your appetite... definitely was not me.


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