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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #10: Pistachio Trick

Posted by Shannon on 03/23/2011

Hoorah, we’re into double digits for “Joie de vivre Tuesdays”!

You may be thinking, “But Shannon, today is Wednesday.”

Astute observation and also correct; thanks to a multi-hour WordPress outage yesterday, 18 million of us couldn’t publish content.

But… here I am, back in action, and writing with a handy tip/interesting hat trick. You can use this at the bar to teach to a dull stranger, have them try it, then make your escape. Or, at the constant friend-of-a-friend parties when you’re struggling to keep conversation alive.

So, common problem. There you are, innocently snacking.

Heart-healthy snack

You get to the bottom of your handful, bowl, bag of pistachios and…

Has to be one in the bunch...

…there it is. That rogue, uncrackable pistachio the processing factory machine missed. You can see ever so slightly into the shell, enough to wonder if there is a nut inside. The mystery of that not even your tiny pinkie can pry open.

It’s staring you down. Taunting you. Challenging you. Do you leave it or do you listen to the small voice in the back of your head?

Possible repercussions: sliced cuticle, sore salt-dust covered finger, deflated ego after a 2-3cm sized nut bests you.


Snack or Potential Finger Laceration?

Well wonder no more. My dad taught me this alternative when I was back home in Washington State earlier this month.

The equation

Take the halvsie shell and nudge it into the small opening in the shell. If you can’t even do that, either go the “hammer” route… or abort mission.

Half the shell...

Give it a  45 degree twist and voila!  Enjoy yo.

Focus on technique, not the OPI Crackle/Katy Perry manicure 😉


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