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Yellow Vase Cafe – Redondo Beach, CA

Posted by Shannon on 04/04/2011

Southbay’s sophisticated, little cafe with a  perfect cappuccino. My cup’s sturdy handle is the differentiating factor between a soup and beverage vehicle, and I like that. With a good 2″ of dense foam, and a saucer graced by a miniature spoon to stir in adorably non-uniform lumps of brown or white sugar lazily into.

A cup & a plate of happiness @ Yellow Vase

Clientele are casual ladies who lunch, “suits” popping in for a coffee or cappuccino to-go, older couples having a panini and iced tea… far more frequent than the rogue d-lister with flame-colored tresses.

Yellow Vase is the place to go for brioche french toast topped with almonds (a new batch is toasted each and every morning)  and sliced, sweet strawberries.  While many renderings of french toast are bland and necessitate a liberal dousing of syrup, you would be fine just spearing a piece of the toast and a berry with your fork.

Staff wear hats and aprons finely stripped in black and white. You order at the counter, after being temporarily distracted by the bakery display case. Their  macaroons make me euphoric. My flavors of choice are raspberry & pistachio.


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