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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #12: Chocolate Molten Lava Cake

Posted by Shannon on 04/05/2011

Dessert. Chocolate. Brownies. Pudding… lava cake. Molten lava cake dusted with powdered sugar to be specific. From Domino’s Pizza.
You read correctly… D-o-m-i-n-o-s. No shame in my game…

One for me... one for...leftovers 😉

Somewhere, somehow, a diaspora of lost souls got the crazy notion that Chili’s serves the best molten lava cake.  This group includes included at least three of my friends until this year when we did a taste test.
Why does one trump the other you ask? For one, you have to leave your house to enjoy the latter version. My simple question is why, there really is no answer that involves Chili’s that suffices in my mind.
Namely, because I am at the pinnacle of especially-laziness after 6pm, when I typically want aforementioned Domino’s $3.99-for-two version.

Toasted exterior, encapsulating the creamy souffled 'lava'

Devil’s advocate: you will need a proper fork or spoon for this one. Luckily, I have just enough energy to walk from my living room to kitchen for this requirement.
This cake could conquer a plastic version, so be forewarned.  Hunker down with your piece of cake… I pick the one with the most powdered sugar.

"Get in there"

So, you have eyeballs. The above pictures are the evidentiary support I can give. You need to try this version, then the alternative, then decide.
— Call Domino’s.
— Have these delivered to your door… maybe with a pizza and some wings.
— Then tomorrow… get in your car, drive that $3.85/gallon route to Chili’s, park, wait for a seat and order your spongy dessert while sitting on a pleather-covered booth.
Get back to me on which you prefer :]

Molten island of cocoa perfection


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