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Lemon Cake, Drunkies & Grilled Cheese w/Duck

Posted by Shannon on 04/14/2011

I believe it was around 1:30 a.m. when Jane declared, “Hey, quit cake-blocking me!” Fork duels ensued.

The aftermath

This delicioso, sweet slice of cake came fresh & direct from local legend, Susie Cakes, in Manhattan Beach. My witty, lovely friend Amber brought a piece over to Jane’s, knowing full well we’d need something sugary and buttery when we got home from our night out together drinking.

Lemon cake, pre-fork-pocolypse

The springtime specialty  bakery confection offering of the month is “LEMON LAYER CAKE. Moist vanilla cake filled with lemon curd. Topped with vanilla buttercream.” Ala Rachel Zoe… I Die.

Like the chunky baking sugar that top blueberry muffins, this cake is entombed with sugar that makes an audible crunch as you eat a particularly frosted piece.

Bejeweled in sugar...

Also worth mentioning were the goings-ons of earlier that night at Bouzy’s, the gastropub arm of Chez Milange … if you can’t hold your Friday night Happy Hour (9pm-close)complete with $4 cocktails and/or beers ladies…. stay home.

Ms. Drunky Mc-Drunkerson... her husband kept chatting the full hour she was gap-mouthed

This gastronomical duo is no slouch…check them out as’s 2011 Beach Cities’ winner of

  • Best Food
  • Best Overall
  • Best Service
  • Fit for Foodies
  • Neighborhood Gem
  • Special Occasion
  • Vibrant Bar Scene

Our 2nd favorite moment of the night, after the open-mouthed snoozer, was the grilled cheese sandwich made of brie, a hefty portion of sliced duck & fig jam, all nestled between raisin bread. Savory & sweet y’all… try it before you knock it!



One Response to “Lemon Cake, Drunkies & Grilled Cheese w/Duck”

  1. lcase7389 said

    the cake looks so good!

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