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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #15: Easter Baskets

Posted by Shannon on 04/26/2011

This is my second Californian Easter. I woke up in the morning extra early, sun poking me in the eye. I got up and taught myself how to make a bracelet.

"Shan Luu" bracelet... Chan Luu's equivalent is $180.

The foodie highlight of my morning was french toast! Amanda griddled up a fluffy, cinnamon-laced batch with a berry compote and syrup on top.

Berried and Syrup-ed

Afternoon: Watched Bride & Prejudice and Hitch.  Experienced a full-out  relapse of uncontrollable coughing (bronchitis lung.) By 3pm, my shoulders back and abs hurt from the coughing and I’d heard, “Dude, you really don’t sound good” from my roomie multiple times. Head pounding, energy depleted, I retreated to my room and sat semi-horizontal for 20 minutes. That was as much of a defeat as I could admit. I shook it off, got up and headed to Palos Verdes for Easter Feast.

Evening: Walking into the house for Easter Dinner, I saw a bright pink-fuchsia cellophane wrapped…Easter basket!

Mine... all mine!

Moms just know that just because you do your own laundry and pay your own rent…. you (aka me) are never too old for a good ol’ fashioned Easter basket. Candy, Cornell souvenirs (cute boxer/wife beater/headband combo) from her visit to see Steve and Fallen Riviera perform, manicure goodies and even a mini meter-money coin purse (with a few starter quarters.) I was over the moon happy, my Easter now fully complete.


Dinner: I once saw a t-shirt that so accurately quipped, ” Meat is murder. Delicious, delicious murder.” Baby rack of lamb. Marinated all day long, then grilled to medium. Citrus glazed carrots, fresh steamed green beans w/ sea salt. And.. rosemary oven-baked new potatoes. You can see the crisp-edged crust along the sides of the potatoes.

Lamb... or lammykins as my sister calls it

One item I cannot not overlook, the balsamic apricot reduction. “Ape-ri-cot” or “app-ricot” I always wonder… and feel awkward pronouncing either way as it turns out. Initially, Stef and I were both dejected as dinner commenced. Why? No, not because we’re bratty, but because we discovered were entirely out of ketchup. To us, even potatoes in their artisan, oven-perfected form, are incomplete without a proper dousing of ketchup. I stood corrected that evening. This apricot reduction was a Heinz-stand-in. There were mutinous glances as we jockeyed to positioned the white porcelain gravy boat of mahogany-colored perfection closest to us.

Last but still very important, my first foray into mint jelly/meat mixtures. I learned this bright emerald concoction is actually apple jelly w/ mint essence added. I did the sniff test and had a visual memory of Wrigley gum. That boded unpleasant atop of forkful of tenderly grilled baby lamb chop. However, I have a try-it-at-least-once rule…. and I was genuinely intrigued.

First tango w/ mint jelly

The result? Surprisingly enjoyable. I’m not sure what they’ll do with the other six ounces of jelly that remain… but a few spoonfuls per person were enjoyed that specific day.

You’re delirious if you think this meal ended then and there. I was in foodie bliss when chocolate drizzled macaroons with a light graham cracker coated bottom were presented. Chase that with a sliver of pecan pie. Top it off with a chocolate dipped strawberry. Then really go berserk with a hand-dipped chocolate covered blueberry. And now, now my friend, you’ve experienced the same joie de vivre I did during Easter 2011.

I am still working on the Easter basket candy…

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  1. Thank you for a great post.

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