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Mini-Cupcake Day @ Work

Posted by Shannon on 05/04/2011

Today is Cupcake Wednesday in my office!

Our L.A. MMC team work their hinnies off, are outgoing & funny; and I’m lucky enough to count a few as friends whom I really enjoy hanging out with outside of work.

I firmly believe it is necessary to like the people I work with. You do spend half your waking life around them. I also think when you find people who make your day sunnier, you can/should find small ways to let them now on a fairly regular basis. Ahem, stepping off of my soapbox…

You know by reading this that “food is love” to me and my family and close friends. We enjoy a good dessert to boost our spirits (or at the very least, our blood sugar levels)!


Cupcake bonanza -- 5.4.11

SusieCakes in Manhattan Beach provided these tiny treats. What keeps me repeatedly coming back is that they bake without preservatives and do not shy away from things like real butter. Three types today, all tried and tested in the past few months by yours truly, so I can confidently present these and know they are stand-up representations of what made me fall (and keeps me enamored with) Susie Cakes:

Red velvet : red velvet cake w/ cream cheese frosting. A frequent question I hear, “What makes it red velvet?”

First of all, live in the damn moment and take a bite first. I bet your mind will go blank momentarily out of sheer joy. When you come back to, if you still need to know (hey…some things are best left an enigma) then go ahead and Google it.

This is my favorite cupcake of all-time at Susie Cakes. I have converted more than one friend to the ways of the red velvet in the past year by bringing them here too.

—  Birthday cake : vanilla cupcake w/ Tiffany-blue frosting and sprinkles. Aside from being visually light and Spring-ish, the flavor of the cake is stupendous. Cite a time you’ve tried one of these petite powerhouses and walked away thinking…”Ew, that was dry and not tasty at all.”

It. won’t. happen. EVER.

This is my favorite type of layer cake slice from SusieCakes.

Chocolate: Chocolate cake, chocolate frosting. A cupcake after my heart! No need to explain. One consistent theme that carries through here is the light, whipped, yet flavor-intense frosting. No oily or waxy residue after eating this frosting folks. Even if you eat all of the frosting off of a normal sized cupcake  before eating the actual cake ;).

This is a great choice all chocolate appreciators of the world.


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