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Kuichi Brewery — Great Japanese Beer

Posted by Shannon on 05/19/2011

Hitachino Nest Beer

Is it the cutie owl standing proud on each label? Whatever the draw, I’ve found a beer brand that I’m savoring as my special go-to… for now until it gets mass distribution status!

Kuichi brewery of Japan started in 1996 and U.S. distribution rolled out its first cases to our homeland in 2000.

I had my first Hitachino (Red Rice Ale) in early winter 2011 at Bouzy’s in Redondo Beach. I remember being happy about fully-enjoying it from my first to final sips, as well as the freaking adorable label. I have a non-foodie related weakness for innovative and “cute” packaging.

A true non-bitter-beer-face-inducing choice

A few weeks, I was lucky enough to have my second Hitachino run-in at Hudson House in Hermosa Beach. The next day I found them both on the shelves of both Cost Plus World Market and BevMo!

White Ale

Low and behold, my third type Hitachino brew was a ‘lucky’ encounter in Las Vegas. I left Las Vegas  $20 up, and having tried the classic ale!

Classic Ale

Fallen Riviera show in Las Vegas

Distributed via Connecticut

*Note: The Foodie Photographer does not promote underage drinking. 21 and over yo, keep it legal!


One Response to “Kuichi Brewery — Great Japanese Beer”

  1. […] next trip will include the original burger and either a bottle of Hitachino beer or one of their dessert menu milkshakes. Their signature burger has a Parmesan crisp that I was […]

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