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Joie De Vivre #18: Foodies with a sense of humor

Posted by Shannon on 05/24/2011

Gael Greene: food critic, New York Magazine and New York Post writer, fellow Michigonian, creator of the Insatiable Critic web site. Ok fine, for those who only do mainstream media… guest judge on Bravo’s Top Chef Masters.

I was lucky enough to score a seat in a four-person reservation at MB Post in Manhattan Beach last weekend. Thank you Lorena! As we scoured the menu of changes-each-day small plate items… my eyes darted to the back of the menu, down to the bottom where I knew the sugar based items were most likely to be.

How witty a way to end a menu and set an amusing tone for the evening ahead?

Words of Wisdom.

What  an original way to end a menu. Ever considered the element of sensuality interwoven with a fantastic meal? Obvious and frequent attention drawn to the mouth. Light-hearted and playful prose between friends and/or lovers, empowered by dim lighting’s veil. The room’s volume masking any blase’ innuendos?

This quote musn’t come as a surprise. Come on…her published works include a memoir titled, Insatiable, Tales from a Life of Delicious Excess. Do a Google image search with her name and see all the eccentric hats she rocks. Like the Royals… there is something amiss about someone with a hat fetish… in a fun way.

I digress, an MB Post foodie photo…

Fourth Meal: Dessert

Unless egregiously flawed, chocolate will never, ever, ever trump the alpha spot in this foodies heart. This chocolate pudding cake haloed with a sugary and tart black cherry granita held court. See above for the lemon ricotta cheesecake description. Even the adorable presentation, in a jar lined in my very favorite color, didnt distract my palate.

Location: Manhattan Beach Post

Address: 1142 Manhattan Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Tip: Reservations run two-week waitlist, but the long communal tables are open if you don’t mind a more social experience.


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