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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #20: Saturday Farmer’s Market

Posted by Shannon on 06/07/2011

Having officially lived in Los Angeles for three years now, the late morning stroll past the displays I’ve photographed below are scene after scene of a community. The background for families, farmers, and couples walking hand-in-hand.  Of locals, OSU students, and friends with a dog on a leash in on hand and their Stumptown coffee in the other. This is a reminder to me of the many different types of farmers markets and weekly events that bring friends together. In my area, it’s Taco Tuesday or Happy Hour.

While many people at my community gatherings wear sunglasses like the people I walked with in Corvallis last month… they seldom also rock fleece jackets, or the spirited orange-hued Oregon State t-shirts and baseball caps I saw scattered throughout the weekend market.

The Saturday morning documented in today’s Joie De Vivre Tuesday below was in the main section of downtown Corvallis with my favorite Oregonian couple, who also happen to be fellow foodie photographers & gastronomers. While there we strolled past:

A table tented by a tarp, solely dedicated to variations of mushrooms …

Broccoli and carrots too charmingly un-uniform and large to be anything but locally grown…

Afton Field Farm’s freshly laid eggs & freshly butchered chicken…

Honey & beeswax… eat your heart out Pooh bear.

I love the sunshine and surf in my beach city.

I love my friends and memories that reside in my hometown of Maple Valley, Washington.

And I love weekend retreats to Corvallis, for the fresh air and new, unique memories created each time I visit.


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