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The Downward Dog — Corvallis, Oregon

Posted by Shannon on 07/13/2011

Back in June, I spent my long weekend in Corvallis, Oregon with two of my closest friends. One must-visit when I’m in town is the Cloud9 Restaurant, which our friend Cloud owns. It has triple meaning for me as the spot is a consistent deliverer of thoughtful food & laughter with friends, nine is my lucky number, and the term “cloud nine” holds symbolic meaning in my life. Just next door to Cloud9 is The Downward Dog, the sister spot that Cloud also owns. It’s a bar, it’s a music venue, and he hosts a slew of creative events there each week.

We decided to really shake things up by heading to TDD instead of our usual haunt. Not only did I score a sweet orange hoodie (sleeve reads “It’s the dog’s bollocks”) that you can see in the right side of the picture below… but our stoic bartender (with a “DWN DOG” shirt w/ typography paying homage to Run DMC) had his DPG (double pour game) down pat…

Happy hour consitutes a custom macaroni & cheese that switches each day of the week, as well as various app/cocktail/martini specials. The kicker on the menu that made me smile in particular was the $1 PBRs available during this happiest hour ;). My, Karen and Scoop’s libation choices are below from left to right…

Chiquita, Ketel & tonic, Manhattan

We had the pleasure of Tat and Katie’s company later on in the night too! We perused The Dowward Dog’s regular menu while we were there and had a good laugh over the “Rapture  Burger” that was a tongue in cheek jab at the zany ‘prophet’ forecast the end of days right around that time.

I’ll be back in C-town in the Fall for my very first OSU tailgate and football game. If it’s anything like last time… I’m in for a fantastic time/set of new hilarious memories!


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