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Joie De Vivre #23: Happy Hour in Hermosa – 2.26.2011

Posted by Shannon on 07/19/2011

We decided that Wednesday equaled ladies night for the Southbay Three (Kaith, Xtina and me). At that time, I was also just becoming friends w/ my soon-to-be tried & true homie Lo (Lorena.) If you didn’t know…. Saint Rocke has a $5 anything happy hour from 5pm-7:30pm  on weeknights. I’m talking food and “adult beverages”… you call it… as much a your little tum tum can handle for 2.5 hrs.  We convened around 5:15 since as we all know, the options for a prime parking spot off of PCH around that time can be atrocious.

Saint Rocke - Jan. 26 - Happy Hour + Concert

Once we settled into our reserved table… we hit the ground running (drinking?) I ordered the goat cheese marinara, a hodge podge of cheesy tomato wonderment that you sop up with thinly sliced sourdough bread. Christina (soon to be “Mrs. Williams”) ordered the spicy tuna sushi, which we particularly loved b/c of the sauce and the fact it was served up in hollowed our cucumber rounds.

Goat Cheese Marinara & Spicy Tuna Cucumbers – $5/each

…And dennnn (#dudewheresmycar) we munched on sweet potato fries and slices of ahi tuna with the obligatory sesame seed sprinkles. Pipping hot, crispy yammy goodness trumped the slices of seafood that day. Sorry sous chef de Saint Rocke…. carbohydrates with a creamy garlic aioli dip kicked the crap out of our Round #2 of $5 apps…. even with the edamame ;).

Seared ahi w/ wasabi cream & Edamame – $5

Our last item that night was the bbq chicken flatbread. I need to disclose my personal bias… thin crust, thin sliced, thin portion… you are at a distinct disadvantage in my book. Why? Because a $5 “thin” anything on a menu means your giving me less than what I could be getting if I ordered, say, a $5 burger.No establishment I’ve ever visited served a thin-bun burger for gosh sake! Devil’s advocate… the cilantro and sauce that was drizzled on top of the pizza tasted great.  I think they were setup to fail with me + flatbread b/c I can get a $5 foot long at Subway or a $5 medium pizza at Dominos. When The Foodie Photographer needs to be frugal and practical (which isn’t that damn often), I can be one tough/critical cookie!

The reason I’m sharing these photos is because it makes me smile looking back on this night last February. Where I’m at and who I am now is markedly different that five months ago. My job, apartment and level of happiness have all changed and I feel very grateful to be so fortunate. Also, Saint Rocke has staged many a Fallen Riviera concert, including the kickoff to their 5-week tour. The venue holds plenty of happy memories seeing my boyfriend perform there and I love the numerous laughs and great songs I’ve heard under that one roof.

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