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Joie De Vivre Tuesday #24: Breakin’ in the Grill

Posted by Shannon on 07/26/2011

Today’s Tuesday story of why I love being a foodie involves a Korean, a Sicilian, and their shared love of cooking delicious and homemade meals together. We’re closing in on one month living together. Only a week ago when we had Steve’s parents and grandma over for dinner, they gifted us a stainless steel four-burner barbecue. As you may have guessed, his family is generous, also loves a quality meal, and I’ve grown very close with them in the near-year I’ve known them. We inaugurated the grill with custom-blended chicken, arugula, lemon zest, pancetta & caper patties and sweet potato fries crisped up in our counter-top mini deep fryer.

We don’t discriminate… the poultry and the bovine are fair game to our grill. Tonight, we made hand-shaped, lovingly seasoned beef patties. Even the bun had its turn on the grill, see faint toast marks on the perimeter of the bun (see above).

Medium-rare delicious

My closest friends know me and my quite-apparent independent tendencies. My family does too… my mom still distinctly remembers hearing, “I can do it myself” or “You’re not the boss of me” as commonly-uttered phrases well before I was a teenager. So when we decided to move in together, the softly hesitant questions came from many people around me.

But… time has shown that our shared love of cooking together, each other, and the curious amount of compromises our typically-obstinate selves will make for one another… they all net out to a brand new and happy living situation that makes me super excited to come home  after work.

Making a meal together, sitting down to enjoy it, then talking about our days and the wacky sh*t that often happens during the course of it is a comfortable pattern we had long before I moved into the apartment with my 40+ pairs of shoes in tow. It continues now and did tonight as we tucked into our freshly grilled up dinner.


Tonight’s burgers were finished off with a melted Gruyère/swiss blend, arugula, sautéed mushrooms/onions/garlic, and a spicy aioli that included mayonnaise Steve made from scratch. On the side was corn on the cob, grilled with gorgonzola and salted butter.

Life in Apartment G (with the addition of our grill) is not too shaby!


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