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TCS: Thick Cut of Steak

Posted by Shannon on 08/03/2011

I’m writing this uber fast as I take my lunch break and inhale some of the spicy chicken yakisoba from dinner last night. The extra dose of sambal (spicy chili paste/sauce) made it great.


Monday night we had a hybrid-celebratory dinner for our one-month & 11-month anniversaries. The first was for moving in together (a plausible milestone in my opinion) and 11 months together as a couple (hey, it’s juuust shy of a year 😉 !) Steve picked up a steak with real chutzpah behind it…


We again used our new grill. I swear, in one month it has cooked parts of 25% of our dinners :). With only sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper seasoning both sides, onto the grill it went for about four minutes per side. To compliment we had my favorite fatty-sized Israeli couscous with onion and sliced baby bella mushrooms added in before reducing to a simmer.

As a standing rule, remember to let the meat “rest” for at least a few minutes before slicing into it. Otherwise you risk losing all the juices (aka flavor). I used that time to sip on a 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon Steve picked up to pair with the meal. One of my favorite parts of the meal, before we even took a bite, was the side plate of broccoli rapini. Dished up in a heart-shape *aww*. I dig the occasional romantic surprise gestures.



Wishing you a fantastic rest of the week… Shannon

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