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Jin Patisserie – August 7th

Posted by Shannon on 08/09/2011

Abbot Kinney is a street lined with boutiques, home decor, cafes and restaurants that can keep even the most bemused hipster occupied for a full Sunday afternoon.

I hadn’t been down that way in a good year or more. I was quite excited to pick-up a few new small decorations to enhance the apartment, but the main reason was to meet with miss Mariana, whom I worked w/ at a past job and love for her East coast swagger. Great style and real, plain and simply a straight shooter.

The tea garden is nestled inside a bamboo hideaway that buffers out the noise of the street and people passing by. I opened the menu and knew that I wanted the Peche Mignon iced tea. Served with a side of simple syrup to sweeten, I filled my tall glass and gave it a splash of sugar and a twirl of the straw.

There are two pages of tea, but I’m a fairly steadfast green tea enthusiast.

I’d looked at the high tea set, the sandwich+salad pairing, etcetera. When Mariana arrived she knew she wanted the chicken salad. The woman  has got great taste, so I knew that even though it sounded very unassuming for a place I’d been anticipated going to for a few years… I also knew I needed to give this a try.

The field greens dodged the limp, defeated wilt most variations take on, and the tomatoes’ deep hue matched its flavor intensity. Dotting around the outskirts of the plate, quineles of prepared chicken salad rested on top of slices of skinless cucumbers. The final gold star was the balsamic vinaigrette. You can see above, that the mixture was only slightly graced with olive oil. This is my favorite because I prefer not having an overwhelming dose of olive oil dressing my greens, regardless of its quality. The quickly toasted focaccia slices had sautéed onion slivers that were sealed onto the bread by a thin layer of melted and crisped cheese.

Two ladies, lunching on Abbot Kinney bathed in sunshine. A convo flying at the excited pace encumbered from having gone months w/o hearing about the others new job, long-term boyfriends and general state of affairs. Bites of salad punctuating stories between the occasional, cooling gusts of breeze. My revised/preferred version of “Sunday funday.”


One Response to “Jin Patisserie – August 7th”

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