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Wacky-Fun Options @ Thai Swan — 8.21.11

Posted by Shannon on 08/18/2011

I am on a relentless search for the Southbay Thai spot that inspires my palate to  instantaneously fall in love. My baseline reference is Thai Tom’s on The Ave in U-District. Seattlites know. Elements that I look for/haven’t found in one Thai restaurant yet:

  • Rice noodle texture: skilled wok operators realize you must underboil noodles then “shock” them in ice cold water. They finish cooking in the wok. This is key with phad thai, phad kee mao and any other entree that has noodles as the base. Nothing more disappointing than great flavor layered over overly-softened or mushy noodles!

  • Spice finesse: Be it on a scale of one to three or one to five stars, know your spice. Then, be able to create a dry spice that lingers for a good 30-seconds after the bite is consumed. It’s not about blasting out the taste buds with a forceful spoon of sriacha. Dry spice that has staying power.

  •  Consistency: Dine-in or delivery… can you bring it either way w/ the same delish taste/textures?

 My go-tos at the moment are Siam I Am, Thai Thani, Chaba & Thai Tara.

A few weeks ago I tried out Thai Swan in Palos Verdes. The meal was an entertaining adventure, even though it wasn’t the end-all-be-all on my quest.  I got to have a weeknight dinner with a few friends who I met through  Catalina Kitchen. See gallery below. The location, about a 20-minute drive, rules it out as a constant spot to eat at, but the combo of the entertaining menu and the ocean view makes it a restaurant to at least try out if you are in the area.


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