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Foodie Photo: Sushi Boat

Posted by Shannon on 08/23/2011

Fusion Sushi’s Boat

Rolls, Nigiri & Sashimi

Yellow tail, tuna, spider roll, rainbow roll, philly roll...

Date: August, 20, 2011

Location: Fusion Sushi in Redondo Beach, CA

Details: Dinner out before going to see The Help @ The Arclight. Fifteen different types of sashimi, nigiri and rolls. Is it just me, or is there something greedily comforting about knowing there is more food sitting in front of you than you can possibly consume in one sitting??

Price: Unknown, Steve’s parents treated us to last night’s meal & movie (thank you Wyn & Francine!)

Nigiri, Sashimi, Roll sushi = Huge smile

The ultimate hangry (hungry+angry) killer


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