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Table for One

Posted by Shannon on 08/24/2011

One weekend I had a slow-paced, calm and quiet day. Very few noteworthy events happened. Then in a blink, it was past 8 o’clock and I needed dinner.  Yelp search on my iPhone showed me I was sitting in the awkward window of a 9pm closing time at even the closest sushi bars. The last thing I wanted was a quick dash to a restaurant, then an even more rushed consumption of my meal. My savior appeared…and I headed to my southbay secret spot for late night sushi w/o frills (or noise), and a 10pm closing time.

I am an unabashed fan of the occasional solo meal. My spirits were high and I sat down at a table, flipped through the familiar menu of hiragana and English. After ordering a glass of red and a few rounds of food, I put headphones in and opened my ViKi iPhone app to continue watching Boys Over Flowers. Yup, I’m a sucker for subtitled Korean dramas. 

Agadashi arrived within a few minutes. Soft cubes padded w/ light panko flakes then quickly crisped up. Served in a small dish with garnish, in a shallow pool of mirin/soy sauce.

Sprinkled w/ bonito flakes & green onion

The light  start to my meal was tailed by four pieces of nigiri. Though potentially surprising, I’m an Asian who falls into the doesn’t-enjoy-a-ton-of-rice category. Fried rice or yakisoba is never my main entrée, and friends who eat lunch w/ me know I usually discard half the bread on any sandwich or burger ordered.

Salmon (l), Yellowtail (r)

So naturally, my main dish was a filet of simple cod, prepared broiled with miso. Kuddos to the kitchen, who avoided the flake-effect many fish dishes suffer, instead turning out a cod my chopsticks glided through when cutting. Great umami flavor. 

As the meal concluded I found myself there with two (male) patrons, who were quietly idolizing our waitress (#yellowfever). Luckily, my dessert arrived and I concluded the night as peacefully as the rest of my day had been.  

Creme Brulee'

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