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Birthday… Take 27

Posted by Shannon on 08/26/2011

When I turned 27 earlier this month I realized that, for once, I didn’t want the typical hoopla I’ve anticipated in years past. Sign of the times? Maybe. Sign of maturity? Less likely ;). Indication I am happier on a day-to-day basis than in recent August 9ths? Absolutely.

But as it so happened, I ended up getting to have a full five days of birthday fun, kicking off Friday at Mucho’s in Manhattan Beach. Straight through the weekend till the very last minutes of my actual birthday Tuesday evening.

Family dinner at Steve’s parents’ house was specially birthday themed! I even got to special request angel food cake with three kinds of berries and whipped cream. The table was decorated with confetti, “happy birthday!” beads we all wore at dinner, balloons, presents, my favorite fusilli pasta dish and my “second family” all around one table together.

Surprises continued in the office, my co-workers/buddies Nicole and Ashley plotted to get me away from my desk while the other jazzed up my desk :).

For my birthday dinner, Steve cooked me an elaborate dinner. We opened Stef’s gift from Sunday… a bottle from Cakebread, one of my favorite wineries. We unwound, sipped and had the same great & easy convo that makes me feel so conformable and in love with him.

Keep in mind though, all this relaxed repartee occurred in sync with him preparing elements of our dinner going on a stainless steel grill out on the deck, in the oven and on all four stove top burners!

Say hello to a three-mushroom parmigiano reggiano risotto w/ bella, morel & portobello mushrooms. To top it off, a smattering of homegrown parsley from the herb garden we are growing outside on our deck.

In addition…

Filet mignon grilled and rested to a perfect medium-rare. Next to it, oven-broiled asparagus seasoned with sea salt, freshly cracked pepper and lemon butter glaze.

After a breather (and opening a romantic card and gifts of jewelry), he hand-scooped a triad of ice creams and fresh berries.

Leaps and bounds, head-and-shoulders above the observation of my 26th year. There is nothing quite like an exclusive dinner party for two, a family dinner, a raucous bar night with friends, and an office-place surprise to remind me how incredibly lucky and blessed I am at age 27.

One Response to “Birthday… Take 27”

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