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Bad Mood Food :: Aya in Uji, Kyoto

Posted by Shannon on 09/10/2011

As a junior at Tahoma High School, I met Aya Aiko in Japanese, Level One class She was an exchange student with a friendly demeanor and a zeal for fun. We became friends (‘tomodachis’) and I’m lucky to have kept in touch with her through email and Facebook since that class in 2001.

These are her choices, all direct quotations are in quotation marks…

“When I’m in a down mood, I go for sweeeeets (dessert), of course expensive/special one.”

And really, who could fight that. Look at the picture below … tangy mango sorbet, fruits, chocolate macrons, and a panna cotta with a delicious sugary drizzle?

“The more I feel down, the more expensive/special the sweets will be. I’m attaching some photos of the sweets/dessert I eat. Sweet sweets heal my sad mood.” Even through tears or discouragement, a treat like this works in earnest to bring back a mile to our faces!

“Also, sometimes, when I am in a down mood, I just want to practice Buddhism… ( I don’t know why…usually i’m not religious and I don’t even call myself Buddhist.) We have this food called Shojin ryori and I eat this. Then I feel peaceful in mind and can get over the mood. The photo of Shojin ryori is also attached –the photo with many small dishes.”

Each of the dishes below are made with soybeans.. admirable to see that much attention to detail in multiple dishes crazy eh?

“When I’m angry, I also feel really aggressive… I feel like I’m a hunter or something and I go for meat or I just eat a lot with BEER.”

Aya, all I can ay is GO GIRL. Globally and universally, I  think the women reading out there can relate to you, regardless of their coordinates on the at. Well said!

“I just keep eating and drinking and go crazy with my friends.” Agian, that is a pretty much global truth, great food and drink is well-aired with trusted, hilarious girlfriends to help balance out a crazy week!

“Then go to bed straight and sleep deep… Next morning, I feel uch better.  Do you know Yakiniku? It’s like BBQ or Korean BBQ 불고기火肉?? I love that”

Yup here in Los Angeles (just two weekends ago actually), me and a few girls from work bonded over KBBQ in Koreatown.

“My respond might not reflect other Japanese people’s opinions…but anway, these are my answers for you!

Aya ”

For sharing your stories, arigtoo gozaisamasu Aya-san!!


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