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San Pedro Margaritas

Posted by Shannon on 09/26/2011

My friend Aaron and I have acronyms, nicknames and inside jokes with one another. The kind that come from years of friendship, disagreements, awkward moments, stressful life events and being there for one another through each one.

Whenever I see a mango margarita (blended or on the rocks), I think of him. This picture was snapped last winter while he was in town supporting a family member through a very difficult time.  We met up at a little out-of-the-way Mexican restaurant with stick-to-your-ribs enchiladas and large, relaxing margaritas.

I rarely drink them when we’re not together hanging out, it’s just not the same vibe or foodie memory for me. Just like a good friendship, this drinks stands the test of time. It is a visual cue for me that brings a smile to my face. Quiet, unassuming, but ready to induce an outrageously fun night out if you just get to know what’s under the surface: shared traits between Aaron and the foodie photo below…

…Cheers to friendships that (if we’re lucky enough) endure the strain of distance, life changes and time.

Mango Margarita – San Pedro, CA


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