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Ocean Gaudium, it’s what’s for dinner.

Posted by Shannon on 09/30/2011

And on and on continues my dinner love affair with nearby Sushi  Casa Arigato in Redondo Beach.

I went to try even more never-before eaten menu items. Duck was first up. Six pieces came with slices of lemon and horseradish. After discarding the parsley off to the side w/ my chopsticks, I smushed a bit of lemon pulp onto the edge of my first slice and spread the horseradish out evenly.

 A light dip into the soy sauce and into my mouth it went. Tender and cooked just past medium, the citrus was a smart accent to cut through the rich taste and texture of the duck.

Each slice is two to three bites. I took my time and noted the thin layer of duck fat over the top of each slice was quick to melted into each bite as I chewed. I kept enjoying as I leafed through my newly arrived copy of the September issue of Vogue and before I realized I was to the last bite!

Perfectly timed, the waitress walked up as I selected my main dinner selection, Ocean Gadium.

Somehow this steamed sushi dish managed to pair six of my favorite fish and seafood elements together. I took the ten minutes it took the chef to prepare it to enjoy a Kirin (light version) beer. Soon enough, out came my dinner.

Removing the lid, I felt that the presentation came out better than the stylized picture on the menu. Kuddos to the chef!

I rearranged some of the contents to get a better snapshot of the plentiful amount of seafood goodies actually inside the bamboo box. Fairly prepared and priced for that much variety!

Also worth noting is the sushi chef’s expertise at  even-handedly prescribing the proper dose the rice vinegar into the sushi rice. When I made my own at home years ago, I was constantly using a shake (or three) too many. Such a thin line to tow between subtle tang and overboard. To find it takes restraint, and he nailed it on the head.


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