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Foodie Photo: Italian Soul Food

Posted by Shannon on 10/18/2011

Minestrone Soup from Scratch

Mirepoix, tomatoes, zuchinni, prosciutto, cannellini beans, pasta, tomatoes, red pepper imported from China, Parmigiano Reggiano


Date: August 2011

Location: The 515 Apt

Reason: What could be better than punctuating a bummer-tastic day with a big bear hug from your significant other right as you walk in the door? How about walking further into the house and smelling the aroma of a homemade minestrone soup simmering away on the stove?

Also in the picture is a spinach salad. Simple enough. Except that the toppings are:

  1. Goat cheese

  2. Beets he roasted/peeled/sliced himself

  3. Walnuts he toasted in the oven and candied w/ organic maple syrup.

With a meal like that, prepared with that much thought & effort, how could my mood stay sour? Cheers to the supportive people in your lives, you should take a minute to tell them somehow what they mean to you. Today. A text, a handwritten note, a phone call… a FaceTime call. Just let ’em know :).

What proceeded from there was one of those evenings where me and my boyfriend poured a glass of wine, talked through the infuriating parts of my day to help me let it go, and transitioned my mood to an upbeat one… all as he finished preparing dinner. By the time he set that Sicilian dish before me, I was happy, hungry and ready to continue what ended up being an hours-long conversation. That night was one of the times where our companionship and genuine enjoyment of each other’s company shined through.

P.S. The soup’s flavor was  equally stellar.


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