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Winner Winner Ribeye Dinner

Posted by Shannon on 10/24/2011

Last week, Steve and I were hanging out at home watching TV. I was on my iPhone and he asked me what the current number of “likes” on his band’s (Fallen Riviera) Facebook page was.

Seeing they were resting comfortably at 965, I made a comment on how cool it would be to the person to help push them into quadruple digits. He playfully asked if I could do it, and I challengingly replied that I thought I could do it in one day.

A bet quickly developed.

The challenge: Successfully push their number to at least 1,000 FB fans in 24 hours. They needed to be traceable back to people on my Friend List. 

The prize: Steve preparing me a home-grilled steak dinner with wine and side dishes. The count at the start of the morning looked like this.

The count at 10:50AM (PST) was 1,001. Thank you to my friends out there that not only helped me win a bet… but in the larger scheme of things… also helped the guys strengthen their group’s visibility. They’re group of stand-up gentlemen making their way onward & upward in the biz. When I gave it a gander at 6pm they were at:

The finale by midnight was 1,028 – I was already tasting the seared flavor of a medium-rare rib eye steak. That cut may not be as filet-mignon-tender, but does has a deeper flavor (and larger portion size per dollar.)

The dinner – start:

The dinner – midway: Cooked to medium and properly resting for a few mins. Remember, never ever (eva, eva, eva!) cut into a steak fresh off of the grill. Give its juices time to re-absorb into the meat so the flavor is at prime potential.

The dinner – final plating: Baby potatoes roasted in the oven with seasonings, the steak topped with garlic and parsley, and broccolini par-boiled before being finished on the stove top w/ EVOO and diced, dried Chinese red chili peppers.

Yup, I ate each and every bite on this plate. Victory tasted quite delicious!

((!/fallenriviera ))


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