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Lazy Day at the Pier

Posted by Shannon on 11/14/2011

I work a Monday-Friday job in advertising. My boyfriend’s schedule changes weekly but nearly always involves Saturday and Sunday shifts from early morning to the late afternoon. One upside is it enables his passion for music. Whenever I have an entire weekend-day w/ my boyfriend, it is a rare and often last-minute change of schedules that we move quickly to take complete advantage of.

We utilize each minute of the day to simply be together, laugh and if possible, do something brand new to us both.  That morning we made a quick coffee  run to Riviera Village’s Coffee Cartel  before Steve whipped up a veggie/cheese scramble and toast. We burned through the rest of the morning and midday with a whirlwind Redondo Beach Pier tour. Sea kayaking alongside sea lions then lunch at Quality Seafood consisting of live shucked oysters and a pound of Cajun style shell-on shrimp and veggies. A walk further down the pier to nationally famous Naja’s Place for a few pints with live reggae in the background. Even a stop to their arcade for skeeball and a spin on the tilt-a-whirl.

After a full day out in the sunshine, we were ready to head home. On the short drive home, we gave our friends Will and Jane a call to see if they were around later on to hang. Turns out they were headed to Kincaid’s on the pier. U-turn!

Kincaid's happy hour ahi tartare

Kincaid's happy hour ahi tartare

We sat outside on the patio that overlooks the ocean. After we ordered a few appetizers including mini pulled pork sliders, baked brie, hot wings, ahi tartare  (brie was my favorite) we drank on a few beers and mojitos while the sun sank slowly beneath the ocean’s horizon.  

Kincaid's happy hour brie
Mmm… Brie wedge

Before long it was nightfall, happy hour was long gone, and we’d had quite the entertaining convo. One full day!


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