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Weekend Wedding in Los Angeles

Posted by Shannon on 11/17/2011

I was so excited to be one of Christina’s bridesmaids. People throw around the terms “sweetest person” and “kindest heart” but I’m so sincere on those descriptions for one of my closest friends in California. She’s been there for Kait and I unfailingly… in celebration and bitch-fest modes alike.

When she asked Kait and me to be in the wedding party I was giddy that I was included and regarded in bridesmaid status. So on Saturday, Kait and I ventured north,(dresses/makeup/Red Bull for Christina in tow) up the winding Hills of Mulholland Drive to Bel Air Presbyterian Church.

We had appetizers including caprese skewers, baby lamp chops and grilled prawns. Dinner started with a plated salad of field greens, candied pecans, and pears. The dinner was buffet style and included herb-roasted chicken, a prime rib carving station, mashed Yukon potatoes, steamed vegetables, and pasta w/ tomato and eggplant.

Dinner plate(s)

Dinner plate(s)

The wedding cake was vanilla with vanilla frosting and white fondant. The groom’s cake was a chocolate on chocolate and in the landscape of a beachy lighthouse theme. The light at the top of the white and red lighthouse even glowed!

Cake cutting ceremony

Dancing, photoboothing, and drinking ensued. To make the bouquet toss in time, Kait and I had to run back to the reception from the restroom! Made it just in time, thank goodness for the bridesmaid gift of glittery Reef flip-flops she gave to us… otherwise we may have been delayed by high heels and missed it altogether!

Kait & The Foodie Photographer...bridesmaid extraordinaires

Kait & The Foodie Photographer...bridesmaid extraordinaires

This was the first wedding I actually tried to focus on catching it. And hey, hey…I actually got it!

Just call me the bouquet bandit

Just call me the bouquet bandit

Steve was, dare I say, happy about it 😉 ? Kait’s boyfriend, Eric, watched the group of ten or so vying for the flowers. When I asked if I pushed someone or anything aggressive like that he said, “No…you just looked like you wanted it more than anyone else out there.” What can I say…the competitive/feisty Korean streak came out in me.

Shannon & Steve

Congratualtions to Mr. and Mrs. Williams [11.12.2011] !


One Response to “Weekend Wedding in Los Angeles”

  1. Christina Davis said

    Thank you Shannon:) Very sweet and I love the pictures! And I’m so glad you caught the bouquet;) xoxo

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