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Four Food Questions.

Posted by Shannon on 12/14/2011

1. Is maple-glazed walnut bacon the new bacon?

I had this entire plate of breakfast at Jack’s during my stay at Portland’s Governor Hotel last weekend.  In one swell bite, I fell in love with the smoky strip of pork all over again.

Bacon, Candied Bacon, Jack's Grill, Portland


2. Could this plate be the secret behind my boyfriend’s home cooking skills?

Iron Chef Sicilian’s secret weapon is more likely to be his passion for learning classic cooking techniques, as well as traditional Italian recipes. And because he cooks day after day, month after month, while I… order takeout Thai food.

Steak salad, Seafood linguini, Chicken provencal


3. Is it possible that dishes titled in another language are more charming and tasty?

They make me either smile and/or blush as an unfamiliar name rolls off my tongue when I order. This past weekend I had Cacio e Pepe from Rustic Canyon in Santa Monica. Props to Executive Chef Evan Funke, who stepped away from the helm of his latest endeavor at Milo and Olive to come say hello to Steve and I while we visited for Steve’s birthday. Evan’s cacio e pepe involves spaghetti, melted butter, Pecorino Romano cheese, a sprinkle of salt and cracked black pepper. Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that  he makes the pasta by hand fresh each day too. This meal looks plain jane, but it is a deceivingly RuPaul-esque flavor field trip upon first bite!

Cacio e Pepe, Rustic Canyon Wine Bar, Evan Funke

Cacio e Pepe @ Rustic Canyon Wine Bar


4. When does mirepoix detract from a dish?

I haven’t found an instance yet! The “holy trinity” of carrots, celery and onions are the solid base and beginnings of osso bucco. Each small fleck of simmered vegetable rounds out bite after big bite. And after I finish the delicious veal and risotto it rested atop, I take a piece of Guiliano’s fresh-baked bread and spread the bone marrow on top for a savory grand finale. Props to Francine for a delicious dinner that was my first time trying this dish.

Osso Bucco, Fresh Peas, Risotto, Bone Marrow, Guiliano's Bakery

Osso Bucco



One Response to “Four Food Questions.”

  1. […] was at first glance. Cacio e pepe, my absolute favorite pasta dish! We had this in December at Rustic Canyon during Steve’s birthday, and the experience is what sparked my cacio e pepe love. It’s […]

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