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How To: Bake Up Holiday Cheer

Posted by Shannon on 12/21/2011

Holy matzoh balls… we are four days from Christmas and Hanukkah is in full swing. I spent last night in Francine’s Palos Verdes kitchen. Recipes are included too, keep reading!

I used a Kitchenaid for the first time and, under her tutelage, learned how to make the holiday baking classics her family knows/loves. We now have a variety of tempting treats to snack on Saturday night when everyone comes over. 

The picture below shows the total results of four hours in the kitchen together. She has two ovens and timed the six different batches with skill. The cookies in the top left of the picture are a combo cookie that consists of dried cherries, white chocolate chips & salty pistachios. Directly below that is our Scottish shortbread cookies that we attacked with cookie cutters and sprinkles galore. Also shown is me hammin’ it up next to the countertop mixer, as well as the kitchen table laden with our total haul of treats around 11pm last night. 

Christmas, Baking, Holiday Cookies, The Foodie Photographer

Batch after batch of holiday snacks!

I’ve included both recipes in case you’d like to make them this year too. Enjoy and bake them w/ love!

Pistachio White Chocolate Cherry Crisps via

 This is a favorite of mine since Fall 2010 when Steve’s mom first shared one with me. The cookie is the richly flavored backdrop for the crunchy pistachios, zingy dried cherries and smooth melty white chocolate. The colors are unintentionally festive too, which spruces up any appetizer table you bring this to.

Pistachio White Chocolate Cherry Cookies, Holiday Baking,,

Soft, Tangy, Sweet, Salty... need any other reasons to try?


Scottish Shortbread via

Three ingredients, poke them with a fork, and pop ’em in your oven. We decorated ours w/ sprinkles and shaped into Christmas… the quicker route is to roll out the dough and cut into rounds or rectangles with a sharp knife.  Note: We skipped the last part of Step 3. We did not freeze, we went straight to rolling it out and baking it. Flour the rolling-pin too, to avoid it sticking and creating a rumpleD surface.

Scottish Shortbread, Recipe, Holiday Baking,

Buttery, soft, must-bake recipe

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