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Umami Burger

Posted by Shannon on 12/30/2011

Before we end 2011, I had to check off one more “must eat-at” locale from my food “bucket list.” How convenient… Umami just opened up a location here in Southbay earlier this month! Me and my former roomie Amanda met there for lunch yesterday. This  spot is located just off of Pier Avenue, next to the Comedy Magic Club and conveniently across the street from a large parking lot.

I ordered the Manly burger with Truffle Fries. Amanda chose the Cali burger and the Smashed Potatoes.

Umami Manly Burger, Hermosa Beach, Medium Rare, Cheeseburger

The Manly Burger

The umami ketchup did indeed have a unique flavor that was no Heinz 57. I’m already a ketchup fiend, so the squeeze bottle our waiter placed on our table met my portion needs. It’s irritating when I ask for ketchup at a restaurant and they bring an 1/8 cup clear plastic cup. Umami’s custom tomato concoction complemented the crispy french fries covered in melted truffle cheese. I gave that bottle its fair share of squeezes.

Umami french fries, truffle, truffle cheese

Melted under the kitchen's red-hot salamander

My Manly burger came out with a branded “U” on top of the glossy Brioche bun.

Umami Manly Burger, Medium Rare, Cheese Burger, Hermosa Beach

Umami knows medium-rare perfection

The burger came crowned w/ pork belly bits, crispy onion strings and beer flavored cheddar. I enjoyed it, and the smaller than standard size meant I ate the whole thing and feel quite accomplished for conquering it ;). I tried one of Amanda’s Yukon Gold twice-fried potatoes w/ a dab of the garlic aioli too. The potato skin quickly gave way to creamy potato texture upon first chomp. Equally tempting… but less up my alley that day since I was in the mood for a healthy dose of cheese.

Umami, Smashed potatoes, Garlic Aioli, Hermosa Beach

Yukon Gold(en) fries

My next trip will include the original burger and either a bottle of Hitachino beer or one of their dessert menu milkshakes. Their signature burger has a Parmesan crisp that I was debating between yesterday, and Hitachino is my favorite white ale. Seeing that bottle with the cute owl logo perched atop the bar display brought a smile to my face. (Note: beer and wine is only served after 5pm at the Hermosa Umami.)


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