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Hakushika Sake for New Year’s Eve

Posted by Shannon on 01/01/2012

I spent New Year’s Eve 2011 at home with a homemade Korean feast. Think kobe beef bulgogi, spicy baby bok choy & mushrooms, kimchi and furikake rice.  I chose a Hakushika sake trio for Steve and me to toast our final meal of 2011 with.

Hakushika is a premium sake producer, quenching the drinking class’s thirst since 1662. My favorite of the three was the Chokara and Steve’s was the Junmai Ginjo. I favored sipping the Chokara variation because it was light, extra dry and had a very crisp finish. The Junmai Ginjo is described as “velvet, harmonious and very rich” in flavor.  Our third pour was the Yamadanishiki sake. It has a medium body and more distinct taste, likely a better choice to drink alongside sashimi or sushi rolls.

Sake, Junmai Ginjo, Yamadanishiki, Chokara, Hakushika

Junmai Ginjo | Chokara | Yamadanishiki

Happy 2012 to each of you, I thank you for reading The Foodie Photographer. I’m also very excited to begin the next year of photos, stories, interviews and recipes. Food is love and I sincerely hope you can see and read the joy I’ve felt this year while I ate and documented spectacular food.

I’ve started casually studying Korean recently and so…

“I hope your New Year will be full of only good things!”


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