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One Year of Foodie Photography

Posted by Shannon on 01/11/2012

Today marks the one-year anniversary of The Foodie Photographer. My favorite parts over the past year were continually dedicating my focus to genuine passions of mine: food and sharing stories through my writing.

The Foodie Photographer, Foodie Logo

Each day since my first post on 1/11/11  to today, I have written and shared 129 food related experiences on this site. Taking a look back at them all, I want to revisit these particularly meaningful photos.

January marked the debut of Joie De Vivre Tuesdays (JDTV). I showed you my favorite Korean dish, Naengmyeon, and the photo I took just before my very first taste of it in Seoul two years ago.

In February, I did a step-by-step recap of my red velvet cake pops. It is still a top site traffic driver from Google Search Results!

Red Velvet, Red Velvet Cake, Red Velvet Cake pops, Red Velvet Cake Pop recipe

By March I moved on to tackling the challenge of cooking a dinner for my entire family.

Spring finally came around, and by April I worked myself w/ long hours that resulted in bronchitis and a sinus infection. Blech. The bright side of this doubly-whammy? I made soup to feel better: Pastina.

Pastina, Pastina Recipe

Something was in the air in May, I became addicted to posting articles and wrote 19 that month! One of my favorite foodie photos to date resulted from my visit to Hot’s Kitchen.

Hot's Kitchen, Hermosa Beach, Tacos, Beer, Bulgogi taco, Kailua Pork Taco,

June commenced and I started enjoying the sun more and taking it back to basics. This foodie photo of mirepoix is a throwback & a shout out to the simplicity of “the holy trinity.” It’s the base for so many savory dishes. I had also learned by this time in the year that olive oil, minced garlic and chopped onion are the Italian equivalent.

July was my happiest summer month for two reasons. First, me and Steve new apartment together! Second, I started my brand new job as a Project Manager at Team One, covering the interactive projects for Lexus. This dinner was a celebration of Reason #2, at Reason #1.

My best photographer (and most peaceful food experience/meal) in August was at Jin Patisserie, but I’m vain, so I chose my BIRTHDAY themed article :].

When the Fall season rolled around this year, Steve and I had fallen into a very nice evening routine of making dinner at home w/ a glass of wine (beer for him) while we talked about our day. September was when I finally rekindled my love of pasta and embraced my consumption of it after many, many years.

Seafood, Pasta, Cooking at Home, Redondo beach

October in Los Angeles is hot. Contrary to most other areas of the contiguous U.S. After a nature hike in 80+ degree heat, I found this gem of a dumpling house. October is when I also confirmed that California is capable of bougie-fying any food…even fried chicken.

Bouchon, Bouchon Beverly Hills, Fried Chicken, Chicken and Waffles

As the fall neared its end, I found inspiration to cook for just myself one night in November. I’ve never thought solo dining was unpleasant or uncomfortable… this night was no different, and even came with a delightful glass of wine.

Last month I conducted my very first interview. Susan Feniger of STREET and Top Chef Masters spoke with me in mid-December and made my month by following me on Twitter and re-tweeting my article about our encounter.

Susan Feniger, STREET, Los Angeles, Top Chef Masters, Team One, Susan Feniger interview

This month I lovingly shaped my own ravioli for dinner for the first time. Pretty cute if I do say so myself.

Homemade Ravioli, Ravioli recipe

This year’s January 11th finds me in the same career field, with the same man, and the same love of food photography. What has changed? The stark differences are that I made changes so that I now truly enjoy my work in the online advertising field, that I am happily in love with an endearing, genuine, nurturing man who is my friend and my partner. Overall, I’m much more at peace with who I am and more conscientious of which relationships I dedicate my time/appreciation to.

And finally, my excitement towards food, and creating enticing photographs that symbolize the experience behind it, is stronger than last January. I was eager back then, but in a more cautious manner that came along with the launch of an idea I hoped people would be interested in too. I whole heartedly appreciate your support and feedback. I’m lucky to have connected with friends and readers from around the globe through this writing/photo project, and I plan to move this “onward and upward” in the year ahead!



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