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Panko Parmesan Chicken

Posted by Shannon on 01/23/2012

Chicken, Crispy Oven Chicken, Parmesan, Panko, Gossip Girl, The CW, Monday Night Dinner

When: January 16, 2012

What: I made oven baked chicken coated in grated parmesan cheese, parsley and panko bread crumbs. I served them with Greek salad and a delicious spoonful of mashed potatoes mixed with sautéed onions and topped w/ melted cheddar cheese (which I did not make).

Why: Last Monday marked the return of Gossip Girl on the CW. Kait and Christina came over to continue our nearly weekly Monday tradition of hanging out and watching the show together. We’ve kept up our weekly ritual for going on two years now, even when the show is on hiatus. When we started, we were all living in Hermosa Beach, and our favorite weekend activities involved going to/dancing at Blue 32 and The Underground before ending the night at Paisano’s Pizza. We’re now a bit farther away, living in Redondo, Hermosa, and Newport Beach. One of us now married, another living w/ their boyfriend. I love them just as much and am just as excited for a  good night of catching up on each other’s lives over food and semi-predictable show plot lines together.

Sometimes that’s exactly what you need after a difficult Monday. Over the years and through the various life dramas… we still give a block of our time every week for each other. Even though that flash forward summary only nicks the surface of the changes and times we’ve seen come and go…it’s more than sufficient to say that I’m comforted and lucky to have two friends like them.


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