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Foodie Photo: My Japanese Go-To Condiments

Posted by Shannon on 02/04/2012

While I’m in Santa Barbara today w/ Steve for a mini-vacation (escape) from the past week… here is a throwback photo. This was after our trip to Mitsuwa Asian market on New Year’s Eve. These are a few of my most favorite, staple items.

Mitsuwa, Furikake, Kimchi, Tonkatsu sauce

Furikake, Kimchi, Tonkatsu Sauce

Furikake is a rice seasoning to top off any old bowl of rice looking for a pinch of pizzazz. Traditionally, people pour a bit of very hot water over the rice and furikake mixture and give it a good stir to produce a one-bowl-comfort food dish. I like this on a rainy, gray winter day.

Kimchi is good….24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you cringed just now, stop your blasphemy. Yes, kimchi is Korean, but Akiyama is the Japanese distributor of the product above. This is fermented goodness and I love it just as much served freshly made in Seoul as I do out of a commercial glass container like this. As a snack, as a quick bite before I head to work in the morning, right before I go for a run on the weekends. It’s all good, regardless of the hour.

Tonkatsu sauce by “Bull-DoG” (literal typing from above) is all you need for your tonkatsu dipping needs. (P.S. Tonkatsu is a Japanese preparation of a pork cutlet that is breaded/deepfried and served over white rice.) It’s also good on a variety of other foods, but you’ll need to test it out and too see what hits your palate in the right way!

Have a wonderful weekend all. To Superbowl fans…Go Patriots!


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