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I Heart Sunday Dinner

Posted by Shannon on 02/19/2012

I brag about going to Sunday Dinner… on Facebook status updates, Four Square check-ins and when I write on this site. Growing up, my family had dinner together no fewer than five days a week. It kept us tight and eating with my mom, dad and sister was a comforting constant. Now I’m supposedly an “adult,” living a few thousand miles away from them and my mom’s pot roast, homemade mac & cheese, and other yummy dishes I grew up with.

Sundays are my dose of family mealtime. I don’t think we outgrow the desire to be a part of that dinner table community as we get older and transition in-between being cared for and caring for our own family. Sunday Family Dinner is the tradition that Francine upholds at the expense of the better part of her day, not to mention in the wallet when she goes to Costco, Pavilion and Giuliano’s to feed five to seven people each week. But it’s a tradition she cares about because she loves the people around her table that night. This is a recap and an observation to that weekly tradition that keeps me well-fed.

 I heart Sunday Dinner in Palos Verdes, and here are a few reasons why…

1. Sunday Dinners expand my horizons: I tasted roasted lamb shanks for the first time at the Sunday dinner table.

Sunday Dinner, Palos Verdes, Family, Lamb Shank, Asparagus, Wild Rice

Fork-is-all-you-need Braised Lamb Shank -- 4.5.11

2. Even a “simple Sunday Dinner” never skimps on quality ingredients: Thick stalks of asparagus, Israelli couscous amped up with sautéed onion and mushrooms, and chicken thighs with crispy salt and peppered skin.

Sunday Dinner, Palos Verdes, Family, Chicken, Asparagus, Israeli Couscous

3. Sunday dinner means “Epic Salad”: You’ll get your dose of daily vegetables. This salad is a staple that I look forward to and have therefore given it its own official name. Greens chopped on the kitchen cutting board, cubed avocado, sweet corn kernels, cilantro, cucumber, halved Roma tomatoes, garbanzo beans, blue cheese crumbles, black beans, homemade olive oil and red wine vinegar dressing. The variations of Epic Salad vary week to week depending on what is on hand. The variations always result in good veggies all up in yo’ mouth.

Sunday Dinner, Family, Palos Verdes, Salad

4. Sunday dinners are portable: Not in a TV-dinner sense, but in a “I made an entire dinner and single-handedly drove it to the studio where Steve and the band were recording their Six Mines CD. A full roast with potatoes, carrots, and cabbage. Outside of this camera shot is also a large pot of egg noodles and green peas. And Epic Salad :].

Sunday Dinner, Family, Palos Verdes, Beef Roast

5. Sunday Dinner is followed by dessert and coffee: Sometimes Ghiradelli brownies, at times biscotti with white chocolate chip, pistachios and dried cherries, and other times an entire baking sheet of golden flaky, honey-laden baklava.

Sunday Dinner, Palos Verdes, Family, Baklava

A big pan of Baklava - 1.30.11


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