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Nigiri Extra Special

Posted by Shannon on 02/19/2012

Casa Arigato is my destination when I’m mad or in a funk and need to eat. I bring my phone, Skullcandy earbuds, and a magazine; they give me simplistic food with invigorating flavors. The couples on dates and groups of friends dispersed around the restaurant glance over trying to suss out what’s wrong, possibly feeling pity for a solo eater without a companion. What they don’t understand is that I’m on the upswing towards a-ok as soon as I place my order for a plate of Casa Arigato’s food and its restorative powers.

Casa Arigato Sushi, Japanese, Sashimi, Redondo Beach, Uni, Amebi, Roe

A few weeks back I was super ticked off. I wanted to be alone and to eat a meal with minimal interactions. I took a seat in the booth against the wall where I always sit, looking out at the restaurant and into the kitchen where the sushi chefs did their thing. I put in an ear bud and started streaming R&B on my phone. “Extra Special Nigiri” was the name of the sushi combo my eyes landed on (the “chef’s choice” plate.)

Casa Arigato Sushi, Japanese, Sashimi, Redondo Beach, Uni, Amebi, Roe, Yellowtail

I smirked condescendingly until my eyes tracked across the description:  egg omelette (tamago), sweet shrimp with deep-fried head (ama-ebi), sea urchin (uni), roe, yellowtail (hamachi), extra fatty tuna (toro), halibut (hirame), squid (ika)  and Spanish mackerel. It was happily devoid of California Roll, and I placed an order for it with a glass of Rose. No, this is not a photo from Fear Factor.

Casa Arigato Sushi, Extra Special, Japanese, Sashimi, Redondo Beach, Uni, Amebi, Roe

I think people with this affinity for the three nigiri above can agree they embody very specific textures and flavors that are worth the yuck-face reactions many people have when they see them. My extra special dinner was a one-plate wonder. I left my foul mood along with an empty plate behind as I rose from the table and headed out the door — perfectly full of food.


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