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Kombucha Instead of Coffee?

Posted by Shannon on 02/20/2012

Kombucha is my current morning beverage. I tried GT’s Organic Kombucha in 2007 when I was walking up and down the aisles of PCC, a local natural market in the Greenlake area of Seattle. Present-day, I swing through Whole Foods for 16 fluid ounces of energy to wake me up and get me into project manager mode. In California, you can readily find a bottle of your own at Bristol Farms, Pavillion, Famima, Vons or Sprouts.

GT's Organic Raw Kombucha, Coffee, Morning Routine

Flavors  I’m currently loving are:

  • Botanic No. 3: I reach for this flavor for its blend of elderberry and lavender. My hope is that the lavender will do more to calm me on particularly busy day.

  • Cosmic Cranberry: This one is a good perk-me-up in a bottle. A little tart combined with the effervescence.

  • Guava Goddess: Subtly sweet and delightful

  • Botanic No. 9: The bilberry, red clover and honeysuckle are purported to help ease headaches and boost eye sight and the immune system. When Botanic No. 3 is overpowered by the tribulations of my workday, No. 9 is  nice choice to try to reverse a few stress effects.

Kombucha is a tea-based drink that contains a fermented yeast culture, a textured particle hovering near the bottom of the bottle. The enzymes and amino acids are mixed amidst it,  try it out sometime… even if you’re not a daily kombucha drinker I feel it has a nice cleansing effect. I used to have coffee, but my stomach feels happier when I drink kombucha and I don’t deal with a caffeine crash either.


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